Closed Meeting
All officers present

  • Christmas party to be held in Mesquite at the Virgin River casino on December 22-23rd.
  • Club etiquette towards other members
    • Everyone needs to grow a thicker skin.
  • Flag pole hardware is on order. Griff agreed to order a new club flag and we will have some sort of event posted for the installation within the next two weeks.
  • Rider safety class will be provided by Damon Scheutz and Rider SOS. A minimum donation of $25 is appreciated.
  • Photo wall will be reset at the end of the year and an album will be made with the 2018 photos.
  • “Necklace of Shame” will be reset Jan 1st.
  • Lease on the clubhouse has been extended for two years with a $40/month rent increase.
  • Non-married, back-seat riders to any patched MC member will be allowed to ride with a “Protected By” top rocker, a name lower rocker, and a Eagle Riders MC club front patch.
  • Club vote for acceptance of prospect Soldier into the club as a full member. Vote was unanimous.